8 Creative Storage Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

Hello there fans. When it comes time to maximizing storage, the bathroom is often one of the trickiest rooms. Most of the bathrooms are small but that doesn’t mean you need to stop there. And if more than one or two people share that bathroom, then it can quickly turn into a messy, cluttered nightmare. But, here we will show some creative storage ideas which can change the whole look into your bathroom.

Spice Rack Shelves

Searching for ideal ideas for your bathroom? If you have enough free wall space into your bathroom, these few spice racks as shelves are here to help you keep all your cosmetic products. Use your favorite color to make it more special.

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Shelves Above the Door

No wall space for shelves? No problem! You can make use of that space right above the door to your bathroom, and you might be surprised just how handy this turns out to be. Use your skills to make it special and you will get some stunning extra storage.

Shelves Around the Sink

If you have some free space around your sink, placing just a few essential things can be a big challenge for your. If you have enough room between the mirror and the sink, you can try installing a small shelf where you can put some bathroom accessories.

Crown Molding Shelves

But, if you searching for something more unique and eye catching, you could dress it up with a little with some crown molding materials. They are small and thin enough for storing all your bottles neatly when you have limited space.

Tiered Trays

Most of the people think that the tiered trays belong just to the kitchen. If you don’t have some space to put shelves, tired tray will help you to create more vertical space for all those little things.

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Shelving Units Over the Toilet

If you don’t have the option to install your own shelves, you should consider purchasing a shelving unit that stands above the toilet to help make use of that handy space.

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Creative Storage Ideas: Shower Pockets

Most of us want to have magnificent curtain in their bathroom to make it beautiful. But, why not to try something different. Instead, you might consider getting a mesh pocket that hangs vertically from your shower rod. Check out the photo below and get inspired.

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