Brilliant Reclaimed Wood Rustic Countertop Ideas

Nowadays, rustic and reclaimed rustic wood countertops have increasingly become popular in kitchen designs. We all want our kitchen to look elegant, so with this countertops its almost real.  Rustic and reclaimed bar tops, table tops and countertops are warm, rich and they make you feel comfortable in your home. The natural imperfections, such as insect scarring and nail holes, in rustic wood will give your kitchen a rich rustic charm. Check out these interesting rustic countertop tips below and get inspired. Enjoy!

By using reclaimed wood on your countertop, you get a countertop that provides stunning beauty to your kitchen. Rustic and reclaimed wood has beautiful and naturally-aged features which enhance contemporary, traditional or transitional kitchen designs. While we think about rustic wood countertops, antique oak, rustic pine, chestnut and heart pine come to our mind. These woods have a timeless appeal that gives your kitchen a radiant old-world feel. If you want more elegant and comfortable feeling you can emphasize the look of the wood with stain and glaze. The level of distress on your rustic wood countertop will depend on your taste, style and preference. Rustic and reclaimed wood countertops comes in variety of colors and styles to suit your specific needs and taste.

Reclaimed wood comes from numerous sources including building materials in warehouses, commercial buildings and barns. Most of us after reading this will fall in love with these wooden rustic countertops, but here are some interesting details which you will need to know. Reclaimed wood has marks of history and can add an appealing and organic element to your home. Reclaimed wood rustic countertop can be expensive because there is limited supply of material. In addition, the process of turning the wood into countertops is time-consuming and requires plenty of labor. Before your buy one countertop for your kitchen, you must be sure that the wood is sealed properly to prevent stains and bacteria. So we came to the end in this interesting post, and if you planning to have the look of natural wood into your kitchen, then rustic wood countertop will fit in. Reclaimed or rustic countertop are wonderful choice for naturally beautiful kitchen.

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