Christmas Decorating Tips for Your Apartment Balcony

Hello again fans! Living in a small apartment may make you feel that you have no room for festive Christmas decorations. If your apartment has a balcony, however, then it may just be the space to showcase your love for the holiday season. With these tips below, you can make your balcony look fantastic and eye catching for all the people outdoor. Enjoy and get inspired by these Christmas decorating tips!


First, before you start to decorating you must to measure the available space on your balcony. After that deciding on a theme is also a good idea, especially if you want the decorations to look unified and put-together. For example, you can choose traditional holiday colors like red, green, blue, and silver, or plan your decorations around Christmas themes like candy canes, angels, and snowflakes.

Christmas Trees

We will start with the first paragraph in this post and that is the one of the main decorations for Christmas. Setting up a Christmas tree on your apartment balcony can warm even the coldest of hearts. With cool tree you can make your balcony look magnificent. You can choose a natural or fake one for your balcony but the effect is clear- beautiful.

Christmas Lights

If you already have trees or shrubs lining it, consider stringing the lights around the pots and branches; if not, string them around the banisters or railings instead. Use more colorful one to make eye catching detail on your balcony. Enjoy!

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Christmas Decorating Tips: Wreaths

Christmas without wreaths? Hmm, i’m not so sure. If you want the smell of evergreen boughs, go with natural wreaths, but if you do not like the hassle of cleaning needles, choose artificial wreaths instead, which have the added benefit that you can reuse them next year.

Christmas Inflatables

Placing some great Christmas inflatables on your balcony is perfect idea to make something special for this year. So lets people know that you enjoy and celebrate the holidays just as much as they do. You can choose from Santas, reindeers, snowmen, candy canes, elves, and other inflatables.

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Christmas Decorating Tips: Festive Ribbons

Another affordable way to get into the holiday spirit is to trim the banisters with festive outdoor Christmas decor. Use you skills and create something on your own.

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