Create Wonderful Terrarium Like Home Decor

Ready to give a natural touch to your home? Sometimes little things can have bit impact into our home, so check out these stunning ideas below.  Terrariums are small enough to sit on a desk or table and this makes them perfect for living rooms as well as for home offices. Look at these wonderful terrarium ideas below and make your room comfortable and elegant.

Faux terrarium

Most of the people want to have a terrarium into their home but to not take care of the plants or animals inside. For example, you could take an old lantern or a jar and decorate with faux moss, pine cones and a wooden mushroom. It doesn’t need water or light.

Tabletop Water Garden

Make your table wonderful while you are enjoying your meal.  Here’s how you can make a simple one for your coffee table. You need a glass container such as a bowl, water plants, plastic pots, rocks, potting soil, charcoal bits and water.

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Simple terrarium

If you searching for something simple, these ones were made using glass containers. palm and cactus mix, some decorative rocks and lovely succulents. Look the photo and get inspired.

Glass coffee cup

If you want, you can also make a tiny terrarium, big enough to fit on a tiny table or mantle. You can use a glass cup or a small container and fill it with gravel, dirt, moss, twigs and little plants. Make sure you water it constantly so it doesn’t lose its color and freshness.

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Wonderful Terrarium: Mason jar terrarium

Mason jars are everywhere around us, so why not to use them to create something special and unique. You could make a terrarium in a jar or any other glass container. Make sure it’s clean and dry and then start adding the layers of soil, pebbles and anything else you want to use.

Hanging terrarium

Terrariums can make your room look more creative, so you can try with hanging terrarium. You can mount on the wall and put in the glass globe some sand, moss, bark, shells, stones, small plants or succulents. Enjoy!

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Wonderful Terrarium: Natural terrarium

Searching for natural feeling into your home or flat? Now is perfect time to create natural terrarium. You can basically choose any type of jar you want and to choose special succulent plants or something else.

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