Creative Ideas for Upcycling Tin Cans Into Beautiful Household Items

Hello again fans, we have one fast question for you, what do your do with the cans after the cooking? Hm, i guess i know the answer, you throw them right into the bin. But, why not to try something with them? These projects don’t stop at decorative items either. Some of them are useful, like toys for your kids, vases for plants, or lights. We recommend you to check out these simple tips below and to decorate your home with fantastic homemade DIY tin cans.

Make Tin Cans Into a Charming Wreath

Collect some tin cans, and make them into fantastic wreath for your garden or balcony. You can paint them into eye catching colors and to arrange a simple attractive wreath for a fence. Look at the photo below and get inspired.

Tin Can Candle Holders Perfect for a Wedding

Searching for interesting ideas for your romantic wedding? Here is an easy way to recycle a tin can into a lovely candle holder. Just wrap some burlap around it and add some embellishment! You can use your creativity and imagination to create something special.

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Colorful Wind Chimes with Tin Cans

Look at these wonderful wind chimes! I just love how bright they are they would add a splash of color and sunshine to any room. I am amazed at what a perfect job their creator has done coordinating the colors of the beads with the colors on the tin cans.


Tin Can Silverware Holders

Searching for clever idea to store all your silverware? By using one tin can you can create wonderful storage for them.  It keeps them out of the way and also it is simple way to make the can.

Beautiful Tin Can Lamps for Ambient Lighting

Summer is coming, so if you want to make the ambient lighting on your balcony or garden, this photo paragraph will help with that. By using a little of your creativity you can create something special and unique.

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Fancy Pencil Holder

Need some extra storage for your pencil and pens around your desk? This is simple project made by just one tin can, you can use any colors and designs you want, so it’s a fun project to personalize and it is way cooler than any old pencil holder you’d buy at the store!

Hanging Hairbrush Storage

Hate digging around for your hair brushes? Here is one clever solution. By upcycling tin can and by wrapping them with scrapbook paper, you can make wonderful storage space for the hairbrush.

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