Decorative Bedroom Hacks For Minimizing Dust

Hello again fans. Ready for something special, which will help you to minimizing the dust into your bedroom? The more people and pets that spend time in a particular room of your home, the more dust that’s bound to collect there. If you have problem with the dust, while regular cleaning and vacuuming is must here are few interesting tips which will help you to change that into your home. Enjoy in these bedroom hacks below and get inspired.


Skip the Carpeting

Most of the people doesn’t know that sometimes carpeting is not always the right choice for the floor. Dust mites thrive in carpeting, so if you can avoid it, go for any other flooring option so mites can’t build a home from it. Tiles, laminate or hardwood will change the whole look into your bedroom and they are ideal for sweeping and wiping down.

Choose Furniture with Hard or Smooth Surfaces

The dust will cling more to anything that is covered in fabric so here is one interesting tip.  If you’re going to have upholstered furniture in your bedroom, go for something that’s easy to wipe down, or choose pillows and cushions that can be removed and washed.

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Store It All Away

Storing a lot of things into our bedroom sometimes mean an ideal place where the dust can be collected. We recommend to get rid of those little accessories or nicknacks or to storage them where they can’t collect dust. Think furniture pieces or storage solutions with drawers, cupboards, bins, boxes, or anything else that hides stuff from being out in the open.

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Go for Minimalist Design

The less surfaces and edges there are in your bedroom, the less cleaning you’ll have to do. A minimalist bedroom design is perfect for anyone who is serious about dust and allergen prevention. There are a lot of interesting ideas which can be added into your bedroom, so choose and make it special.

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Cool Bedroom Hacks: Avoid Unnecessary Clutter

Clutter never looks good, and it just makes it harder for you to clean when it’s time to dust. The bedside tables are great examples of keeping accessories simple on flat surfaces in the bedroom.

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