Elegant Steps To Create Cottage Style Home

We all want to make our home look fantastic, elegant and of course to be comfortable. Most of the people want to make something different for their home and to escape the hustles of our modern lifestyle. Cottage style homes have become all the rage right now, because they help us escape into a slower and more peaceful ambience which heals us. Look at these ideas below and follow the steps to create cottage style home.


Keep to the basics

Most of the people want to know why cottage style work so well so we will tell the truth – this style keep the basic design. Creating the cottage style is all about taking the most basic necessities, and giving them a pleasant makeover that is fashionably trendy. And remember to use what is unnecessary.

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Use soft palette of colors

Sometimes the colors can change the whole look into your room, so choose them positive. Beautiful, soft shades of green, shabby pink, light apricot are the common favorites. By paring with some other colors you can create magnificent relaxing mode into your place.

Cottage Style Home Decor: Stained furniture

If you searching for more vintage, rustic or shabby look into your room, you must use this tip below. Buy furniture that either have soft curves or straight edges, but have less ornate details to prevent them from looking too ostentatious. Also, don’t throw the old furniture and make ti special.

Wicker and Iron furnishings

It is not too uncommon to find iron and wicker furnishings in a cottage-style bedroom. You can make them more comfortable to use by laying down beautiful quilts on them which bear nice floral patterns. Complete the look by adding a few pillows as well.


There are a lot of interesting designs of unique curtains ideal for your home. Try something creative by using old tablecloths which could create the rustic charm in the cottage-style bedroom.


We can’t imagine cottage style without plants and that is totally right. Start decorating your place by using some potted plants on the windows sill or use some mason jars to show your favorite plants. Enjoy while you are doing this.

Cottage Style Home Decor: Natural floor

Most of the people when decorating their homes in cottage style want to have natural feeling. Natural floor is the answer for that. You can also use stone floors to create a similar look.

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Cottage Style Home Decor: Lampshades

No cottage-style bedroom is complete without a nice lampshade on the side table. Use shades that are white, with little design on them. Make your bedroom look elegant and comfortable.

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