Fantastic Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas

Wooden crates are one inexpensive way to make your home look elegant, comfortable, rustic or etc. They are cheap and accessible so you can use like storage units or creation pieces of furniture like shelves, stools, bookcases or table. If you get interested, check out these wooden crates furniture design ideas below and make your room fantastic place where you can enjoy and get relaxed.


Crate Coffee Table

Make your living room magnificent by using your homemade crate coffee table. There are many types how you can made, so choose the perfect one and make it special.

Wood Crate Shoe Bench

This shoe bench can help you on your way to keep your hallway neat and organized. It is not complicated to make so enjoy while you are creating your own shoe bench.

Wood Crate Desk

Stack and secure a few wooden crates to your preferred height and place your writing surface on the top. Check out the photo below and make it magnificent.

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Crate Side Table

We will start this post with the this cool crate side table. Make this attractive side table from just a pair of old wooden crates, a handful of screws and a lick of candy colored paint.

Wooden Crates Furniture: Crate Ottoman

If you have some free time, now is perfect moment to use your skills and make something special for your home. Here you can storage a lot of things like books, magazines or it will be like table.

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Fantastic Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas - crate-ottoman-with-casters-1-535x401

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Wood Crate Nightstand

Most of the people want to show their skills and without throwing a lot of money on expensive nightstands, they are making on their own. Use your creativity and make one.

Wooden Crates Furniture: Crate Bathroom Storage

Searching for something unique? With this tip below you can make your bathroom storage cool and elegant. Look at the photo and get inspired. You can organize them on your own so be creative.

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