Ideas For Converting A Long Passage Into A Drawing Cum Dining Room

Dining room is the place you relax with a good dinner with your family.  It is an important place in the house. Small apartments have limited space and maybe you will exclude having a dining room. That’s why one of the most chosen solutions is to find a place for the dining table somewhere where it fits. Because not every house can have a separate room reserved only for eating. There are so many smart solutions for this problem. In this post we give you some fresh ideas on how to do it.

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Your  room for dining can fit into an empty passage in your house. You do not need to have a special room for dining. Just grab that little space that hangs around. Most of the times, we do not use the space properly. All those corners can be used for something.


Dining tables do not need to be so big, unless you are planning big family gatherings. If you go for ordinary family-time lunch, you will opt for smaller tables that you can fit somewhere. A rectangle table will save you space, as you can put it in the hall next to a wall.


Practically, everywhere is a good place to put a dining table. Proper size and shape will make ti possible. You will be able to save lot of space.

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