Incredible DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideal For Your Tree

Do you need a list of some interesting crafts which will make your Christmas tree look beautiful? Maybe you want to impress visiting guests in your home during the holidays with your very own handmade personal Christmas decor. With these ideas below i’m sure you will make your room look impressive and cozy. Check out these DIY Christmas ornaments and show your skills to make something on your own. Enjoy!


Button Baubles

Ready for something unique instead of classic Christmas decor ornaments? With just a few Styrofoam balls, glue and button you can make this interesting example. Consider using buttons around the house or head to your nearest craft or thrift store for a wider variety. Enjoy!


Rustic Wood Slices

If you searching for rustic feeling into your home, this tip below is ideal for your. These wood ornaments are especially fun because they are simple, versatile, and are easily customized for anyone. You’re sure to find suitable wood pieces at the craft store, but think about doing a fun family project and collect wood from outdoors.

Sequined Balls

Imagine the lights on your tree catching all the radiant sparkles on these beautiful balls of bling. Made from only three items — pins, foam balls, and sequins — these shiny ornaments may take a little longer than your average Christmas craft, but the results are simply beautiful.

Reindeer Ornaments

Christmas without Santa and reindeer is a little bit strange. So if you want to show you skills made your own reindeer from just a few clothespins, wiggly eyes, glue and other crafts ideal for your project.  There are various stains and paints you can use to tailor the clothespin to the desired color and several accessories you might want to add.

Cool Birdseed Ornament

For a versatile indoor-outdoor ornament idea, head straight to the pet aisle of the grocery store, pick up a bag of birdseed, and create a fun ornament that is not for the birds but it is just a decor. Look and enjoy!

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Twine Ball Decor

Simple and beautiful, these homespun ornaments add a subtle, natural touch to even the fanciest of trees. Experiment with sturdy yarn and adjust the glue cornstarch mixture accordingly. Based on your desired outcome, weave in some colored thread or glue on beads.

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Wooden Snowflakes

For this project you will need to collect some sticks from your yard and make them special for Christmas tree decor. Look for a large variety of stick sizes and colors, carefully snap your twigs to the size you want, and start gluing.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Hot Air Balloon

Who says homemade Christmas ornaments have to be Christmas specific? Using just about any traditional ball ornament, you can easily make this cute craft. If you want to make it more dynamic, put some special charms in the hot air balloon basket or write a special message.

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