Magnificent DIY Floor Lamps Ideal For Your Home

Searching for something new for your home? Need some help with choosing the ideal lighting? Personalize your home with accessories you’ve made yourself such as, for example, a DIY floor lamps or a tripod lamp. In this post below you can see a lot of interesting, easy to make, useful and most popular types of home accessories. Enjoy and get inspired to make something beautiful for your home.


Hockey Stick Floor Lamp

Sport lover? If the answer is yes, now is perfect time to make something cool into your room. A hockey stick is one of them. Use your hockey stick or buy one of them, put a rod into the stick and you will get magnificent lamp.

Rustic Lamp

Wish to make your room in rustic style? With this example below, i’m sure you will fall in love. For this project you will need one wooden lantern. Wire the lantern and give it a makeover if you want. A fresh coat of spray paint should be enough. Then build the rest of the lamp. You can use leftover pieces of wood to make a a sturdy base.

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Branch Floor Lamp

Want to use your skills and creativity? Maybe we can help with that. One branch can make your room impressive place. Mark where you want the rod to go, drill a hole and glue the pieces together. Then drill a hole through the branch to insert the copper pipe through.

Bedside Table Lamp

You can save space by combining two elements in one. This is both a floor lamp and a bedside table. Take a simple bedside table and drill a hole for the cord to go through.

DIY Floor Lamps: Old Books Lamp

I hope you have a lot of books, so if you want something unique you must check out this paragraph below. Drill some holes into the books and take apart the lamp and insert the books onto the rod.

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Industrial Lamp

This lamp has an industrial design and, although it may seem complex, it’s not that difficult to make. It’s made of an old tomato cage. It’s not something you see every day and it definitely will change the whole look.

DIY Floor Lamps: Pipe Lamp

Make something unique and special for your room by using your creativity and imagination. If you love industrial style, now is perfect time to make pipe floor lamp. First collect various kinds of pipes and then spray paint them. Combine them on your own.

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