Magnificent DIY Headboard Ideas For Your Bedroom

Need something new into your bedroom? Why not to start with comfortable, unique headboard? Headboards are mostly decorative now, although they do have a certain amount of functionality. With these ideas below, you can try to change the whole look into your bedroom. Enjoy and get inspired by these DIY headboard ideas.



Metal headboard

Have some old metal parts into your basement? Now is perfect time to give them a new use. This unique headboard below is fantastic example to show us that one metal roofing part can be so stylish and elegant. This unique headboard gets a rustic, but yet shiny glamorous feel.

Old door headboard

Sometimes one old door can be fantastic decor for your vintage bedroom. Use you imagination to make fantastic headboard from old door or some old wooden parts. Look at the photo below and get inspired.

Indian headboard project

This hand carved Indian Rosewood screen found at a flea market adds texture to the interior and an oriental touch to the bedroom. Hand crafted objects have a lot more value and it establishes a connection between the  two persons involved. The four-panel screen fits perfectly above the king-size bed.

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Natural Wood Headboard

If you searching for natural touch into your bedroom this choose below is something perfect for you. Also, with this headboard you can create elegant place or warms up the industrial looking area. Feel free and use your skills to make it special.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Shutter Decor

Depending on your interior setting you can fit only some parts and elements. A cool way to create a headboard that kind of goes anywhere is with these unfinished shutters. This brings a bit of texture into the room among decorative letters and pillows.

Headboard from old barn window

Have some old barn windows or door just laying into the garage and waiting the time to be throw? Today is perfect time to make something special and unique. The square glass pieces were first painted and then with a special technique it became mirror.

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DIY headboard from folding closet doors

A cool way to create an headboard is with folding closet doors and  garnished with decorative paper pasted into middle and secured to the wall. This is very simple project but can change the whole look into your bedroom for sure.

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DIY Headboard Ideas: Chalkboard

There is not something better then writing some quotes on you headboard. The item consists of a wood cutout, painted with the  chalkboard paint, a dustless chalk to write and draw everyday  whatever you think is important, and a nice vintage silhouette.

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