Magnificent Fabulous Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

If you a book lover, this post is simply created for you and your room where you want to select your favorite books. For the book lover themselves, they can be a treasure trove of memories, each book bringing back a certain place or time in life in which it was first read. No matter how many books a book lover owns or how the collection was developed, how to store and organize them is always a challenge. If you get interested check out these tips below and make your living room cool place where you can put them. Enjoy in these bookshelf decorating ideas!

Check Bookshelf

We will start this post with this unique and eye catching bookshelf. These check bookshelves are idea to storage only a few books, so the designs is all about the look. Enjoy and get inspired to make something like this into your home.

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Geometric Tree

Sometimes modern style can make our home look magnificent cool. Bring a touch of the outdoors inside with this storage solution built to look like a tree. The wooden tree is striking contrasted against the black background, although one could paint the supporting wall a neutral color for a softer look.

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Letter Bookshelf 

Make your living room stunning by using some interesting and unique ideas. Choose your favorite letter and make your own bookshelf. Make an alphabetic statement with this oversize letter “A” bookshelf design. Sturdy shelves with lots of storage space allow books to be stored vertically or horizontally.

Rectangle Bookshelf  Decor

Make the most of your wall space with this geometric bookshelf design. Open spaces of various sizes and shapes enable the storage of a variety of books and collectibles. The white on white is clean and contemporary while providing a visual focal point for a room.

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State Structure

If you want something unique into your home, this idea below is fantastic way to make it special. The stacked books automatically create attention-grabbing visual patterns. It would be ideal for holding travel books, textbooks, or historical works. Enjoy!

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Bookshelf Decorating Ideas: Vertical Minimalism

Make the most of a small amount of storage space with this vertical straight-line book support. The small horizontal shelves enable books to be piled on top of each other. This eliminates the need for bookends of any type and allows a maximum amount of books to be displayed in a minimal amount of space.

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Curve Bookshelf

Most of the people think that the books need to be stored just on flat surface.  Embrace the unexpected with this tri-level curved work of art. Look at the photo below and get inspired to make your dream bookshelf.

Bookshelf Decorating Ideas: Log Bookshelf 

Searching for rustic and vintage look into your room? Look at this interesting log bookshelf. The shelves are sturdy and spacious, spanning from floor to ceiling, providing plenty of room to display and store a favorite book collection.

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