Make The Rainy Days Beautiful With Cool Umbrella Stands

Hello fans, rainy days are coming, so why not to try something special? The umbrella stand is one of those accessories that you think you don’t need but then end up using all the time. With these tips below you can see a lot of cool umbrella stands ideal for your style and perfections.

Sisal stand

We will start this post with the first umbrella stand made by sisal. Sisal is often used in other projects, but with one tall glass container, hot glue gun and some rope you can make your dream umbrella stand.

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Bucket stand

Most of the people search for interesting ideas which will change the whole look into their home. Sometimes good bucket can be wonderful umbrella stand.  It’s really simple. Just get some paint in colors that you like. Use tape and a stencil to get the design just right.

Pipe stand

If you have some free time, you can try to make this cool stand. You’d get a quirky umbrella stand. Use powder coated aluminum tubes of different sizes. Tie them together with belts and cut out a bottom out of plywood or whatever you think would work.

Sonotube stand

Want something different when the rain days will come?  Well, actually, there is such a thing and it’s called a sonotube. These are used for pouring concrete. To turn it into a stand, you also need some cork and contact paper.

Cool Umbrella Stands: Concrete stand

Use your creativity and skills to make something eye catching for you. With just a little concrete, we can create stunning umbrella stand. It looks really simple and this allows it to fit well in a lot of different settings.

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Oak stand

Simple and elegant, this umbrella stand is the type of accessory which can look awesome in a lot of different settings, adapting to its surroundings without actually doing anything or looking different.

The Plug umbrella stand

The interesting thing about Plug is that it has a double use. If placed on the floor, this marble block serves as an umbrella stand but if you place it on a table or some other surface, it can be used as a candle holder.

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Cool Umbrella Stands: Geometric stand

If you searching for something unique for your home, this interesting umbrella stand is simply created for your home.  Geometrical shapes intersect, forming a 3d design that maintains its simplicity.

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