Simple Ways to Make a Ceiling Look Higher

There are as many different ways help with this allusion as there are different low-ceiling’d spaces. Sometimes, the strategies are completely opposite, which can be frustrating. But if you read on, keeping your own space in mind, we think you’ll be able to figure out a few tips that will work for you. Enjoy and make your ceiling look higher.

Architectural tips to make ceiling look higher

Uncover the ceiling skeleton

If you love industrial or vintage style, this tip is created for you. This raw ceiling will give a more headroom physically and make your room look higher.

Use canned light

Ceiling light makes your room feel lower so why not to try something different. Install recessed lights that take up space within the ceiling itself. Or you could forget about ceiling lights and opt for wall lighting instead

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Remove crown molding

Proportion is key here. Molding and trim has the appearance of protruding down from the ceiling; when a ceiling is low to begin with, this is not beneficiary. You could also paint the molding the same color as the ceiling, giving the allusion of additional height.

Painting tips to make ceiling look higher

Paint the ceiling white

When it comes time to use paint, white color is here to open the whole place and to make your room more comfortable.  If you don’t want to go with pure white, it’s recommended that you at least choose a color that is lighter than your walls.

Use high gloss ceiling

The reflection of light and objects themselves will heighten and brighten the entire room. With this tip you can make your room look more higher and elegant for sure.

Paint vertical stripes on the walls

Instead of painting the whole room, you can make some vertical stripes. The bigger the contrast between the stripes, the more dramatic this effect will be. With some stripes you can make the ceiling feel taller and entire space bigger.

Decorating tips to make ceiling look higher

Choose low furniture

Sometimes with one tip we can trick our eye into thinking the rest of the room is taller that actually is. By using low furniture we create magnificent way which make our room look higher and comfortable.

Display items vertically

Most of the designers recommend to display the items vertically. Choosing to create some sort of visual display with vertical lines will help your room feel taller, as it draws the eye upward.

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Ceiling Look Higher: Use mirrors

It’s all clear when it comes time to make your home look bigger- just use mirrors. Mirrors are ideal for increasing not only light but also perceived square footage. Hang them on the wall, or lean them up against the wall for maximum effect.

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