Stunning Bohemian Style Decor For Your Bathroom

Ready to decorate your bathroom in bohemian style? With this style you will have so many options to make your bathroom wonderful place where you can enjoy. Follow these basic rules and you will not have any problem making your dream bathroom. If you’re a fan of the Bohemian chic look in other parts of the house, why shouldn’t it extend to the bathroom as well? Enjoy and get inspired.

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We will start with the first easy trick for bathroom bohemian style. First of all is to choose the perfect color. With the Bohemian style you can afford to be quite bold with the color scheme, so if you want to go for a daring purple or a vibrant blue, then feel free as it is all about being allowed to express yourself. So, don’t wait and choose the perfect tiles for your bathroom. For the fittings, then you need to avoid the modern look and instead look at getting something a bit more traditional with a roll top bath being the best.

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Don’t be afraid of textiles. Heavy brocade curtains and oriental rugs in the bathroom can make the space look more cozier and more comfortable to enjoy. Elaborate taps are also a welcome addition and look at having the variety that actually spells out hot and cold for an extra special touch. Any furniture can be a mismatch with different woods and designs coming together in a free flowing final look. Try a linen shower curtain. Linen has such a lovely texture, but with a clean, straightforward look that’s perfect for a bathroom. The bohemian bathroom features usage of a burst of colors, patterns, vintage clawfoot bathtub, ethnic carpet and all that is not convenientan likely for a random bathroom interior. In case you are one of the people who doesn’t aim to be matchy-match, and you want the creative chaos followed by amounts of sumptuous and artistic ambiance, then you are going to like what comes next.

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Never see anything as being too strange because the best Bohemian bathroom designs are those that are always a work in progress with items changing, color schemes being altered with a mismatch of colors always being a winner. I hope you get inspired by these photos, and i’m sure you will make your bathroom magnificent.

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