Stunning Color Schemes for a Modern Kitchen

Hello fans! Ready to choose the perfect color scheme for your new elegant and modern kitchen? Most of us want to have classical white kitchen with some wooden details but there are many color options for a contemporary kitchen that still we look fresh with more then a pinch of personality throw in. Check out these beautiful color schemes that you may or may not have thought of when dreaming of a modern kitchen. Enjoy!

Gray Kitchen

Monochromatic color is very modern for any space, and the kitchen is no exception. If monochromatic is what you’re after, be sure to vary the tones and tints of the color itself, as well as the sheen and texture.

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White and Gold Kitchen

If you want to decorate your kitchen in elegant style than you just need to check out the photo below. If you love the look of a white kitchen but wanted to stray just a little from the trending all-white kitchen, there are ways to do that with subtle color.

Leather and White Kitchen

Similar to white and gold in color, a white and leather-guided kitchen may appear similar as far as colors go, but the overall effect is quite different. While this kitchen is still completely contemporary, with its sleek lines and straightforward design, it has a sort of rustic charm and appeal thanks to the leather.

Colorful Kitchen

Instead of classical kitchen make something different in your home. Variations of cool blue tints help to keep this bold color palette feeling more modern and mature than like a kids’ playroom.

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Cherry Red Kitchen

This rich, color-infused combination is warm, cozy, and welcoming. It works best with a natural light source, because the colors themselves lean toward the darker end of the spectrum. Cherry red kitchen is always a good choice for elegant and comfortable kitchen.

Modern Red Orange Kitchen Decor

Kitchens inherently have lots “going on,” so a color scheme can be somewhat subtle yet still be quite effective in the kitchen. The transparent goldenrod suspension lamp above the modern red-orange dining chairs

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Orange and Ebony Kitchen Color Scheme

The thing that makes this combination great in modern kitchen is the opportunity for contrasts of sheen – high-gloss cabinetry combines with matte ebony walls and shelving for a deep visual feast.

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Aqua and Chartreuse Color

Bold, fresh colors that invigorate and invite are an excellent choice for the kitchen! Blue and green are analogous colors and are also found together often in nature, so they will look well in a modern kitchen.

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Blue and Tan Kitchen Decor

Speaking of earth-centered, it doesn’t get more natural-feeling than blues and tans like in this modern kitchen. Most of the people doesn’t prefer but why not to be different. Check out this photo below and get inspired.

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Modern Kitchen Color Scheme: Yellow, White & Charcoal

There’s a good blend of depth with the charcoal tones, punched up and infused with positive chi by the yellow. White touches here and there round everything out. This is a fun, crisp color scheme for any modern kitchen.

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