Stunning Dramatic Bedroom Ideas Only For You

Searching something new for your home? I think you are on the right place. If you need some great ideas for your bedroom interior design, it’s time to search out for lovely ideas that suits your taste and style. Sometimes designing can be exciting and funny but also it can be confusing. You have to choose colors and patterns that mix and match together perfectly. If you get interested, check out these stunning dramatic bedroom ideas below and get inspired. Enjoy!


Color Matters

If you want to make your bedroom more elegant and dramatic always go for a darker shade. Dark blue, brown or black can change the whole look into your bedroom and for sure it will make a dramatic feel and atmosphere.

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Wall Decor Ideas

Need some new decorations for your bedroom? Patterned wallpapers can add intricacy into your room. If you don’t like wallpapers, you can also use a paintbrush or a paint sponge to create lovely designs on your bedroom walls. There are many interesting ideas to make by your own skills so check out on the net for more interesting ideas.

Add Ceiling Decor

Do you think you ceiling is too empty? Some interior designers add painted swirls or patterns on the ceiling to contribute to the intricacy of the bedroom. This is to match the eloquence of the patterned walls, but ensure that the color or the shade of the ceiling decoration doesn’t overpower the walls.

Comfortable Bed

Most of our time we are sleeping, so we must choose the perfect bed. A big and comfortable bed is the way to create a dramatic bedroom atmosphere. It should have a matching headboard with a shade that complements the wall designs.

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A Small Bedside Table or Furniture

Nowadays bedside tables or nightstands are one of the most used things into the bedroom. If your bedroom is already in darker shades, it’s no need to add another heavy furniture. A table made of dark wood is the most used furniture.

 Windows Curtains

Window curtains gives your room a more elegant and comfortable environment. There are many interesting designs of curtains but we recommend heavy curtains for your room. You can even sleep soundly during the day with these heavy curtains to cover your windows.

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Dramatic Bedroom Patterned Carpet

If you bedroom isn’t carpeted now is perfect time to change that. There are many interesting designs and shapes of carpets, so don’t wait and choose the perfect one. Whether it’s located on the sides of your bed or at the foot of your bed, it creates a homey feel to it.

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