Stunning Homemade Christmas Ornaments For Your Home

Ready to add an extra magic to your Christmas? I love this time of the year, it smell of cocoa, flurries in the windows and the whole family gathered around. From glitters to twigs, vintage papers or something else you can make magnificent handmade Christmas ornaments ideal for your home. Use them as beautiful Christmas decorations around the house, give them as gifts to friends and neighbors, or even amp your gift wrapping ideas. Enjoy in these ideas and get inspired.


DIY Pine Cone Ornament

Decorate your home with some pine cone decorations and add holiday flair into the space. They are easy to make and also are inexpensive. Use you skills to make them special.

Stunning Homemade Christmas Ornaments For Your Home - pinecone

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Christmas Ornaments: Cinnamon Heart 

This cinnamon applesauce heart ornaments would be another perfect craft for the kids. Great to use other shapes, too like stars or gingermen and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can  loop a string through each of the holes to hang on the tree, string together to make a garland or attach to a package.

Glitter Book Ball Ornaments

Vintage papers can be easily used to make beautiful wreathes, banners, place mats…the uses are endless. On the net you have a lot of interesting ideas which will make your home more beautiful place.

Rolled Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

Check out this stunning idea below made by some rolled paper. This is cheap project, so don’t wait and make ti special. These would be a perfect gift for your neighbors, friends, and anyone else on your list!

DIY Twig Snowflake Ornaments

These DIY twig snowflake ornaments are super easy to make. You only need twigs, twine, button stickers, berries, pine needles, and felt. Use you creativity and imagination to make your own twing snowflake ornaments.

Christmas Ornament Time Capsule

You could have fun with it and do it a variety of ways. For this project you will need to use glue, glitter and notebook paper this time around. Write something special an enjoy while your family or friends are reading.

Christmas Ornaments: DIY Wreath Decor

Wreaths are on of the most used things when it comes time to decorate for Christmas. There are a lot of interesting decorations of wreaths so, don’t wait and choose the perfect one for your door.

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