Stunning Tips To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

When it comes time to decorate our home, its clear that every inch is counting. If your home has low ceiling, or if you want to make your ceiling look taller, you might have been looking into ways to give the appearance of height. There are many interesting ways to make your ceiling look higher so don’t lose time and make it special. Enjoy!


Architectural tips to make your ceiling look higher

Uncover the ceiling skeleton

If you love industrial style than this idea is ideal for your home. Uncover the ceiling skeleton and make your living room more bigger and higher. It will also probably give you more headroom physically.

Use recessed lighting

Anything that sticks out from an already low ceiling, such as some ceiling lights, will make the entire ceiling feel lower and, consequently, the room smaller. Instead, install recessed lights that take up space within the ceiling itself.

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Remove crown molding

Molding and trim has the appearance of protruding down from the ceiling, when a ceiling is low to begin with this is not beneficiary. You could also paint the molding the same color as the ceiling, giving the allusion of additional height.

Painting tips to make your ceiling look higher

Ceiling Look Higher Tips: White ceiling

Instead using some other colors, white can change the whole look and make your room look more higher. On a ceiling, this visually raises the height of the ceiling itself.

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Use a high gloss finish for the ceiling

Reflection can create wonderful illusion of higher and bigger space, so don’t wait and use this trick. If you want more unique feeling choose mirror type glossiness for the ceiling and the entire room will seem magnificent.

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Paint vertical stripes on the walls

Anything that draws the eye upward, which is what vertical stripes do inherently, will make a ceiling feel taller and an entire space feel bigger.

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Decorating tips to make your ceiling look higher

Choose low furniture

Lower furniture is looking cool but also it can change the look into your room in positive way. Lower furniture can create illusion of higher ceiling and make you feel comfortable.

Display items vertically

Whether in a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or as framed items on the wall, choosing to create some sort of visual display with vertical lines will help your room feel taller, as it draws the eye upward.

Ceiling Look Higher Tips: Use mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most popular ways to decorate your home. Mirrors are ideal for increasing not only light but also perceived square footage. Hang them on the wall, or lean them up against the wall for maximum effect.

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