Using Feng Shui In Your Home Office

Hello there! Everyone likes being productive and efficient at work, whether your office is in a downtown high rise or in the hallway closet of your home. I think that with these interesting Feng Shui decorating tips you can turn your office space into working  heaven you desire.


1. If you searching for ideal place for your home office, pick a space that is far away from the bedroom. A home office space with a separate outside entrance is ideal, although not always a practical option.

2. Don’t sit directly in line with the door. This opens you up to the path of assault of negative energy. Instead, shift your chair to one side or the other so the harmful chi will pass you by.

3. If your work requires creativity and inspiration, put your PC in the north or west areas of your space. Place your computer in the southeast area if you use it to generate income.

4. Create good energy into your office by using some plants. They will help you to absorb all the negative energy around your. So, don’t wait and choose your favorite plant.

5. Bright fluorescent lights are never a good idea in the office. If your office space has no other lighting options, consider bringing in a lamp or two.

6. Position your deck further away from the door and also your back does not face the door. In feng shui this is called commanding position which attract stronger and more successful energy to the area.

7. If your back must face the door while you’re at your desk, lessen the negative effect by finding a way to see the reflection of the door. Strategically place a mirror or any shiny metal office-related object.

8. Always optimize the natural light available to your office. If you have window, keep it bare or pull back the curtains completely during the office hours.

9. Fill the corner behind your desk. The goal is to recreate the feel of a mountain of sorts  to provide supportive energy for your mind and body.

10. Create a focal point in the office space. This is important in the successful design of any space, including the office. Without a focal point, the energy of the entire space is dissipated in various.

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I hope you enjoyed in these Feng Shui tips for your office.

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