Valentine’s Day Traditions That Should Never Have Gone Out of Style

Over the past years on Vlentine’s day are spent a billion dollars for gifts or celebrations. But sometimes tradition is more valuable then the money spent on gifts or etc. So, for today we have selected some traditions that should never have gone out of style. If you want something special, unique and on your own check out these Valentine’s day traditions below and get inspired.

Handwritten cards

We know that nowadays everyone is going to buy a card with some romantic quote, but the tradition says that the handwritten is more elegant and make wonderful feeling. Long before Hallmark and the mass-produced greeting card industry existed, lovers, friends, and family members used to send one another Valentines that were customized with personal messages. Instead of buying, write something.

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Homemade cards

Also before the days of buying cards in bulk, people of all ages used to design and create unique cards from scratch. In the eighteen and nineteenth centuries, lovers spent considerable effort creating something beautiful. To make it special you can use ribbons, lace, trimmings, etching birds, butterflies, flowers, and other vernal images: small-scale, small-budget works of art.

Valentine’s Day Traditions: Gifting purse puzzles

We said puzzle? If you really want to go all out with a handmade of expression of your love, puzzle is fantastic idea. These gifts were a series of love letters that were meant to be read separately, but also fit together to create a beautiful design and message, according to Bustle.

Valentine’s Day Traditions: Pressed flowers

Though it’s never been quite as popular in the United States, Denmark couples have traditionally celebrated the romantic holiday by sending one another pressed white flowers called snowdrops. These dried flowers last much longer than fresh ones.

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Holiday dances

Nowadays most of the couples go on dinner for two into expensive restaurants and throwing a ton of money. But, before this the people go on dance parties. This more affordable celebration is also a great way to spend the day with all the loves in your life, including friends and family.

Giving reusable chocolate boxes

This year, instead of giving chocolates and candies in cheap, plastic packaging, place your treats in a beautiful box worthy of holding onto forever. Who knows, maybe your box will be a collectable one day, too!

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